We’re a not-for-profit, non-curated festival. This means that anyone can register as a River of Art venue! 

Perks of Being a Festival Venue?

Firstly, venue registration is completely FREE!

Anyone and everyone can be involved! It doesn’t matter how big or small your venue is, whether you’re here to stay or you’re a completely temporary space (alleyway, pub, hall, library, lean-to, laundromat, club or double-decker bus, or someone’s deck), you can create a festival gig whatever your venue shape or size!

As an open access festival, we don’t book artists or program shows for you. This means you can create, make, design or curate a show or event that’s right for to your venue.

Be unique and create your own event by opening your doors to the possibilities. The festival can increase venue exposure, help people see your venue in a new light and build new patrons and audiences and potentially new revenue.

And you will be providing a supportive platform for artists.

More info? Register Now

Contact the Artist & Venue team via to chat about your ideas or for further information or register now!

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