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River of Art Festival is open to everyone and every event (as long as it abides by the law).

If you are a seasoned festival participant, you know how it works. Find a venue partner and you are away. You have your work – visual art, performance, a workshop you want to run and all you need to do is register it with us and you are in the program.

If you’re developing new work – performance, visual arts, music, workshop ideas, the festival is a chance to share what you are making with an appreciative, new audience and get feedback to help you develop your work or your practice.

If you are a brand new artist or performer and want to feel out the industry, or put your work out there for the first time, the festival is good opportunity to meet other creatives, mingle with more seasoned artists and participants.

Events don’t have to be in a grand location. Art on Parade allows artists to show their work in a shopfront. Events can be 10 minutes long, last a day, or go for the full duration of the festival, and be open every day, or run for 24 hours solid. Its your art, so its up to you. The festival is a platform to help you achieve your creative goal.

More info? Register Now

So if you are an artist without a venue, why not register here, and registered venues will be able to see you and your proposal. A marriage made in heaven….well at least for the duration of the festival.

If you need more info, or a chat, contact the Artist & Venue team via . Or if you are ready to go, register now!

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