River of Art Prize

Beautiful light fills a gallery, there are pictures on the walls and people gathered around them. The paintings are all different sizes, colours and mediums, it is an exhibition.

2024 details coming soon

Registrations open in June with works due in September.

Finalists are announced in early Spring, with winners announced at the launch in September, coinciding with River of Art Festival Opening.

Prizes are given for a Winner, Runner-up, Highly Commended and People’s Choice.

2024 Winner: Bessie Nunes, 'Tales of Flame'

Bessie Nunes, 'Tales of Flame', 48 x 128 x 48cm, ceramic and mixed media sculpture. NFS.

Runner Up: David Walker, 'Seasons'

David Walker, Seasons, 8x8x0.5cm each, hung with a steel cord. $2200, $550ea.

Highly Commended: Indira Carmichael, "Daphne in the Laurel Leaves'

Indira Carmichael, 'Daphne in the Laurel Leaves', 50 x 66cm, pencil, ink, stitch on paper. $1020


In alphabetical order: Paul Bradley, Camelle Denny, Carleta Delac, Ann Espinosa, Anja Freya, Sophie Culic, Rachael Gibbons, Catriona Graham, Nicole Grimm-Hewitt, Rita Horta, Ruth Halverson, Sandra Hendy, Aline Joyce, Kareli Vine (two works), Deborah Ellis, Karen Warburton, Kiesha Davis, Bessie Nunes, Michelle Peterson, David Ramsland (two works), Robyn Vowles, Bernadette Trainor, David Walker, Serena Short, Gary Caldow, Geoffrey Odgers, Indira Carmichael, Indira Carmichael, Lizette Richards, Merran Toone, Rick Suthern.