Welcome to Coastal Garage Vintage and Oceana, an exhibition created as part of the River Of Art 2021 Event. Covid-19 lockdown was not going to stop us from sharing our creations with you. When lockdown has lifted and the doors are reopened at Coastal Garage Vintage 149 Beach Road Sunshine Bay, we’ll welcome you all to see the art works first hand. Mean while, enjoy the tour..

Coastal Inspired Paintings and Glass’ by Pauline Barnes, Naomi Crowther, and Janet Kininmonth. Exploring the intimate relationship between artist & ocean, by three creative women whose art practices embody the subject of the sea.

Pauline Barnes ~ sea giants, rolling waves and shorelines in acrylic on canvas.
Naomi Crowther ~ playing with lights and pattern in her large, stylised paintings.
Janet Kininmonth ~ the sway & movement of underwater life capture forever life in fused glass sculptures.

Address Coastal Garage Vintage, 149 Beach Rd, Sunshine Bay, 2536 (Map at bottom of page)

Website coastalgaragevintage.com.au

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