Janet Kininmonth

Janet Kininmonth

Batemans Bay

Working from her home studio and workshop in Batemans Bay, Janet creates her glass pieces using a range of techniques including kiln forming and cold working. She says, “I love working with the rich, fluid nature of glass, capturing the glass at a moment in time”. As a practical person Janet had mainly created work emphasising functionality and geometric type designs which was apparent in the cool, clean forms and purity of colour of the small bowls, larger platters, clock faces, jewellery and accessories which made up most of her collection. Returning to the South Coast from Canberra after 32 years, Janet has embarked on creating more sculptural pieces, having found inspiration in her coastal surroundings.

Whilst living in Canberra, in 2011 Janet took what she says was a ‘leap of faith’ leaving her corporate career to set up her glass business ‘In My Element – Glass Design’. In 2020, Janet along with Naomi Crowther and Julie Geary created Coastal Garage Vintage. You can see more of Janet’s work on her website https://inmyelement.com.au and at Coastal Garage Vintage 149 Beach Rd Sunshine Bay NSW South Coast https://coastalgaragevintage.com.au

Email janet@inmyelement.com.au
Website inmyelement.com.au
Facebook www.facebook.com/InMyElementGlassDesign
Instagram www.instagram.com/InMyElementGlassDesign

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