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by Cat Wilson

‘The Net’ is a mesmerising video that takes you to a kaleidoscopic underwater realm. Over the summer artist Cat Wilson, filmed the shark net installed at Bar Beach, Narooma. The net acts as an artificial reef, pulsing with life and colour, until towards the end of the season, it becomes completely obscured by the build up of all the life that it supports.

Over the months of filming Cat has explored its rhythms, the play of light at different times of day, the effect of the tides, learning to work with the camera, her breath and the flow of the water to create long unbroken shots. One of these shots was taken, mirrored and repeated to create “The Net”.

“During this process of filming I am learning to let go of the illusion of control, to work with the ebb and flow of the waves, immersed the rhythms of this underwater realm, becoming one amongst many other creatures, sharing their space, until I become too cold and have to return to dry land.”

This free event is included in general admission entry at Luminous: Celebrating Place, September 23 at Moruya Showground from 4pm to 9pm. Children under 16 enter with with a ticketed adult.