Hall of Memory

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Kat Rae

‘No art can depict the reality of war. War is brutal, ugly, chaotic. Art is about beauty, order, significance’, argues the artist and Vietnam veteran character, David Young, in Adrian Caesar’s 2021 novel, A Winter Sowing.

The rise of the Counter-Monument movement tried to make meaning out of the awfulness of the Holocaust.
Counter-monuments often create negative space, depicting the ever-changing conditions of memory. They call into question the tendency of traditional monuments to displace the past, reducing and overshadowing viewers. Counter monuments do not console but provoke, they talk to the ways time, memory and current history intersect. Counter memorials throw back the burden of memory. So far, Anzac has remained untouched by the counter-memorial movement. In Hall of Memory, the artist imagines what a print-imbued Australian war counter-monument would look like if it reflected the true cost of war

Artist Conversations with Adrian Caesar from 5:30 – 7 pm, Tuesday 19 September

Public parking for exhibition on grassed areas please, not in front of guest rooms.

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