Hall of Memory: War, Memorials and Monuments

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‘No art can depict the reality of war. War is brutal, ugly, chaotic. Art is about beauty, order, significance’, argues the artist and Vietnam veteran character, David Young, in Adrian Caesar’s 2021 novel, A Winter Sowing.

In this conversation between Adrian Caesar and Kat Rae, they explore Kat’s her journey from a distinguished career in the army to her emerging career as an artist.
In this free-ranging conversation, they will discuss ways the Anzac tradition succeeds or fails in reflecting the true cost of war, and the real impact the experience of war has on individuals, families, and societies – and how that informs art.

Adrian Caesar is an award winning writer who lives on the South Coast, and who taught Kat as an officer cadet at the Australian Defence Force Academy. Kat Rae is an emerging artist studying Fine Arts and whose print-informed work explores how place, memory and experience layer and mesh, and how the process of art helps in the processing.

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Hall of Memory exhibition

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