CAPTURE – A Photographic Exhibition

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Capture – A Photographic Exhibition
Showcasing 7 local practising Fine Art Photographers.
With the theme of ‘Exploring Place,’ this exhibition unravels the South Coast’s hidden and unexpected gems, offering a fresh perspective on familiar landscapes. These passionate photographers skilfully capture the essence of the region, encouraging us to see the world anew and rediscover the intricate beauty that surrounds us daily.

Daily from 10-4pm Sept 13 – 26

Meet the Makers – Sunday 17 September 11-2pm – All Welcome


Peter Robinson – Peter Robinson’s more than 30 year career in commercial art, hand lettering and design underpins a lifetime of creativity. Now in his early 90’s, Peter continues to champion the art of traditional film-based photography. His silver gelatin prints are produced entirely by him – from capturing the image with his Canon 1000, to producing prints in his home darkroom, then matting and framing. His expertise covers a variety of subjects. In 2001 Peter’s commitment to analogue photography was recognised with the award, L.A.P.S – Licentiate of the Australian Photographic Society.

Rita Horta – As an impassioned photographer Rita Horta’s focus gravitates between landscapes, ocean vistas, and the enchanting realm of macro photography. Rita’s lens reveals the lyrical tales of nature – from the sprawling, majestic beauty of landscapes to the intricate choreography of minuscule wonders. Each photograph is a testament to the extraordinary artistry found in the world around us.
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Allison Aitken – With an unquenchable curiosity and a passion for pushing creative boundaries, Allison Aitken finds her passion in capturing the grace of sunsets and the promise of sunrises, capturing moments that resonate with the soul. Aitken’s focus on the magic that unfurls during the golden hours reflects her commitment to celebrating the local landscape’s exquisite beauty.
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Katherine Wagner – Immersed within nature’s marvels, Katherine Wagner refines her photographic artistry to evoke introspection and curiosity. Driven to reveal the beauty of the region, her work echoes her deep connection with nature and an intrinsic ardor for outdoor spaces. Guided by intimate local insights, she unveils the serene grandeur spanning from sandy shores to untamed bushland

Peter Jeffery – Peter Jeffery is a master’s level fine arts student with an emphasis on photography. He is investigating the processes by which spaces become either places or non-places. Additionally, he is investigating how composition, lighting, and colour manipulation influence viewers’ emotions. He draws inspiration from filmmaker Roger Deakins, neurologist Sigmund Freud, anthropologist Marc Augé and philosopher Michel Foucault as well as several photographers. Peter creates large-format archival Giclée prints at his Dalmeny studio, where he also experiments with alternative, historical printing techniques such as cyanotypes and anthotypes.
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Leanne Joyce – Leanne Joyce has drawn on her love of landscape photography to capture the hues of the south coast. Using light, colour and movement, Leanne has created an impressionistic series of images using her iPhone as a tool and canvas to capture fleeting moments of beauty and motion. The result is a distinct painterly quality that seeks to evoke an ethereal and dreamlike atmosphere.

Corin Rossouw – Corin Rossouw’s photographs envelop viewers in a dreamlike palette, where emotions eclipse tangible forms. This exploration is an invitation for the audience to reflect upon their own sense of belonging and connection in a world that often straddles disparate landscapes. Corin excels not only in capturing external beauty but also in skillfully interpreting the internal landscapes these scenes evoke.
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