Event Type: Open Studio | Tilba | Akolele

Saturday 19 September - Sunday 27 September, 10am-3pm & by appointment

211 Punkalla Tilba Road, Central Tilba (Map at bottom of page)

Costs /Bookings: Free

Contact for an appointment 0433114374

A nature resource ‘Driftwood’.

Working with sustainable materials and there knowledge of origin.

My piece work, is the importance of form and function in design, less impact upon the environment. Exploring materials of the five elements Wood, Metal, Earth, Water and Fire and how they come together to tell their story.

Woven, paste, wired together provides the elements to collectively form works of function if not, then it will be by experience of the visitor to explore the works themselves in an open paddock setting Welcome to Studio Tilba Walawanni.

Facebook: TilbaTalks
Instagram: @tilbatalks

Location Map

211 Punkalla Tilba Road, Central Tilba