Event Type: Art on Parade | Batemans Bay

Friday 18 September - Sunday 27 September, 7am-3.30pm each day

GJs Bay Cafe, Clyde Street, Batemans Bay (Map at bottom of page)

Costs /Bookings: Free

UFA – Unframed Art. It’s safe, cheap, fun & eco friendly and biodegradable.

The thought-provoking film ‘2040’ suggests we start making wiser choices for the sake of our planet.

How about making art easy and affordable for all on a low income – also toddlers or even geriatrics?

UFA is easy to hang or prop up and safe – no weight or broken glass, and can be composted when no longer needed!

Inspiration is limitless, reusable cardboard is free – so – for ’artists’ who love to create pictures, they could display / sell more works more easily and without financial anxiety. Colours and shapes enhance life …So maybe more people and the planet, will smile because of UFAs. Shapes and colour enhance life … Enjoy this work, then compost it.

Location Map

GJs Bay Cafe, Clyde Street, Batemans Bay