Event Type: Exhibition | Tilba | Akolele

Saturday 19 September - Saturday 26 September, 9am-1pm Saturdays, 2pm-6pm Sunday & 4pm-6pm every other day

Small Hall on Bate Street & Dromedary Hotel, Tilba (Map at bottom of page)

Costs /Bookings: Free

More information - email katiewall@bigpond.com

The historical village of Central Tilba will host an exhibition of works by local artists in the Small Hall on Bate Street. Come to the local produce market in the Big Hall then wander over to the exhibition. Members of the local music group Dromedary Lynch Mob will keep you humming while you look at arts and craft, including a stall by the CWA.

After the markets, the exhibition will move to the rear of the historic pub, the Dromedary Hotel. Buy a beer, whiling looking at the local work.

Website: tilbahalls.com.au

Location Map

Small Hall on Bate Street & Dromedary Hotel, Tilba