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Thursday 24 September, 7pm

Narooma Kinema, Campbell Street, Narooma (Map at bottom of page)

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Tickets available online - www.naroomakinema.com

Infinity is a film of great beauty and scientific substance but is also very much about the human perspective of infinity. Conversations with scientists, philosophers, religious leaders, artists and more are merged into a filmic narrative with a powerful soundtrack and stunning visuals. The film explores new scientific thinking in terms of multi verses and the big squeeze, parallel dimensions and string theory. If infinity exists, then it implies that the big bang is an incomplete theory and we have to look towards the multi verse theory as the most likely scenario. What does infinity mean for our spiritual existence and continuation of life on earth and beyond?

Tickets and more information – www.naroomakinema.com

Location Map

Narooma Kinema, Campbell Street, Narooma