We’ve teamed up with specialty coffee lovers, Guerrilla Roasters to create a limited edition blend to support River of Art!

Based in Moruya, Lewis and Mat are small batch roasters with a big focus on quality and sustainability. Each and every bean can be traced back to the farmers, who hand pick and meticulously process each batch to ensure perfect ripeness and the highest quality.

To do this, the pair work directly with the Bemudez family in Manzanares, Columbia and Project Origin in Canberra, Australia who in turn with with around 20 growers. Both partnerships mean support and investment for the farmers, who can then focus on quality and fairer pay for their staff and families.

Guerrilla Roasters, Mat and Lewis.

The River of Art blend has a sweet balanced body with notes of caramel, chocolate and roasted hazelnuts and it’s just beautiful on these crisp winter mornings.

By purchasing a bag, you are supporting small business, local creativity and cultural expression through the River of Art Festival.

To purchase, head on over to Guerrilla Roasters to order online or pick up in store at Church Street, Moruya and you can even pay in bitcoin!