CIA Comrades in Art – Holiday

Do you find yourself dreaming of holidays? Perhaps it is memories of places you have visited. Perhaps it is future holidays you dream of. Having walked through devastating bushfires only to end up in a pandemic, the CIA invite you to think of the future. There will be holidays again.

The following artworks are composed using images from travel journals, remembering holidays of the past, while others simply play with the idea of Holiday.

There are artworks for sale. The artist’s name, phone number and email is provided so that if you see something you would like to purchase, you can make direct contact with the artist and arrange payment and delivery methods directly with them.
Those works Not For Sale and marked NFS.

You would usually find the CIA exhibition at the Air Raid Tavern. Not doable this year. We wish to thank the River of Art committee for making it possible for us to hold our annual exhibition virtually at least.

Enjoy the pieces and we hope you all get to enjoy a Holiday soon!

Click on each image, and scroll down for artwork details .

Christine Hughes

Elizabeth Gleeson

Over Easter 2021 I returned to a childhood holiday place, South Durras on the Far South Coast of NSW. I was to meet up with some of my siblings and a cousin-family that we camped with as children. We arrived sporadically and by some instinct deep from childhood, we were each drawn to a particular familiar place on the beach. We fell into the rhythm of  swinging the stink bag, catching beach worms and casting rods into the waves to try our luck. We spent time wandering the sand dunes, reconnecting with the plants, the birds, the caves, the rock pools, the lake, each other. It was a healing time after the trauma of the devastating bushfires that began on New Year’s Eve 2019. This holiday inspired these paintings.

Judy Robinson

In 2018 I travelled to the Kimberley and, as usual when heading off on a new adventure, kept a travel journal.
During the last 18+ months of lockdown I have revisited these journals, the images triggering splendid memories of times past in a way that seems more vivid than a photo. Please enjoy some of the images from this travel journal – from Emma Gorge with sheer cliffs, El Questro Gorge with pandanus and Livistona palms, Purnululu with its stripy domed rocks, and Mini Palm Gorge.

Janette Dadd

Susan Nader

Selection of pages from my Visual Diary.
Northern Territory Holiday, 2016.

The Visual diary or sketch book is the quintessential item along with my trusty watercolour pocket set, two portable brushes and a few ink pens which fit neatly into my handbag. The pleasure these items bring to a holiday is born out as soon as you get started but also, for as long as the sketchbook survives. Like photos, the drawings have the ability to generate memories, often in vivid detail recalling much more information than that which is on the page. They are unfussy, often messy with blobs or drips of paint or coffee, immediate and fun to make and also have a life of their own. The viewer will see that they are not necessarily finished works either.

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