Ruth Halverson

Ruth’s art incorporates diverse mediums, creating vibrant, colourful and dreamlike works that are drawn from stories and research, inspired by her compassion for all life on Earth.

Seal Search Party (rocking on in Narooma) This is a fun playful ink work capturing a baby seal investigating the ocean’s flowers to find someone looking back at them. We are privileged to live where seals frolic on rocks down the road.
Medium: Ink on water colour paper. Dimensions: 43 x 53cm

Sunkissed Stingrays Sunkissed Stingrays. Filtering frivolities, Deeply diving, Sifting softly, Wings whipping, Ripples rounding, Seamless soaring, Subtly sauntering, Pectorals pulsing, Gills grinning, Sorrowfully spiky
Medium: Ink on water colour paper. Dimensions: 70 x 70cm

2022 & 2023 River of Art Prize Finalist