Robin Brown & Matt Kelso

Robin Brown (Poetry) –
Matt Kelso (Photography) –

River Deua Reflections
by Robin Brown

Your mirror pool here
in the wild Bendethera bush,
well found and framed, 
the lens light has stilled
in the shallow youth 
of all your ages.

That finder, 
when this way he chanced, 
had three lenses;
two in his head, 
one in his hand.
The light met them all.

The light that bounced from the blocks of stone,
the light from the bone white slope of the fallen tree,
the light flicked from the glass static water,
and the light filtered up,
where the mirror permits,
from the pebbles resting in their riverbed
stopped now
until the next storm stirs them on 
in their seaward roll.

You first saw my chum and me 
farther on your age-old way,
way down toward the sea. 
Through your quieter vale 
we rode our boyhood bikes
well, well before 
our years were at a score.

Of the memories 
that had sedimented
in my young head,
though now I find but traces,
I know the quiet places,
like the one this picture’s paused,
that in my whirlpool thinking caused 
a halting and my own reflecting.

My babbling burnie infancy
was then not long behind.
Now to its slowing estuary
too soon my life will wind.

But in this instant and that from now just fleeing,
and yet the one still coming, 
all at this single once, are all moments of your being;
your thousand hillside springing birthings,
your childish singing, splashing, falling tumblings,
your murmuring, mature meanderings 
and your terminal tidal tussle
with the Southern Sea.

And there is your finding
of all your fellows, flowing
from this land and all the others
in one great confluence gracing,
with this global flood,
our earth its lifeblood.