Kareli Vine

I have been a psychologist and creative arts therapist for over 30 years, helping people process trauma using drawing and journalling. In the space of being semi-retired, I now have time to play with colour, concepts, and texture to create my own art.

I use the juxtaposition of trauma with the indifference of the ordinary, the everyday to highlight what is mostly unseen and unspoken. Between crises and cups of tea, I show satirical glimpses of lives lived in the shadows. I use humour to crack up the tragic, to find the dignity, the joy, and the magic in living. Everyday objects are recycled in contrasts of colour, form and texture using mixed media collage – paper, pen, watercolour pencils, and fabric on canvas, canvas panels or paper. Creating art allows me to process both my own trauma and the vicarious trauma of others.

2023 River of Art Prize Finalist