Antonia Fish Art

After falling ill in 2017, I turned to oil finger painting to pass the time and found I had an eye for abstract animal portraits. 2020 saw my 2nd year of University all me to experiment with finger painting and show my lecturers the skills they had taught me put into my own style. October 2020 I decided to take everyone’s advice and start my own art business from home and since then, my ideas have branch from animal portraits to streetscapes, portraits and abstract works. 

My custom animal portraits bring so much joy to my clients, some love them so much they come back for another painting or even 2! However, it’s my streetscapes that really allow me to push the boundaries of colour and perspective. I’m able to bring a photograph of an alleyway or street to life, capturing the architecture or weather and how it affects the landscape and make it a scene of wonder. My style of finger-painting allows for every painting to be one-of-a-kind and builds textures that can be recreated.