River of Art – terms and conditions

In submitting this application, I agree to the following terms and conditions:

● I permit the River of Art Inc to reproduce images I have provided for promotional purposes. All people in the images submitted have given permission for their use.

● I will record event attendance and submit a post-event report to River of Art Inc after the Festival. Data collection forms will be made available by River of Art.

● I will incorporate the River of Art logo in all promotional materials designed for my event.

● I permit the River of Art Inc to refer to my event in media releases or in other Festival promotion at its discretion.

● I take full responsibility for coordination and management of my event and any damage resulting from it including to the venue and any fixtures, fittings or installations.

● I have the necessary insurances for my event/activity, including public liability insurance and will provide a certificate of currency to River of Art Inc on request.

● I take full financial responsibility for all costs for my event including arranging any funding, grants, acquittals, insurance, venue hire, booking systems and any other costs associated with it.

● I participate in the River of Art Festival at my own risk and take full responsibility for any injuries or damages involving me, artists, performers, participants and members of the public, associated with my event.

● Where I charge a fee for my event, I will calculate and pay a minimum of 10% of the gross ticketing revenue to the River of Art Inc (transferred to its bank account) as a contribution towards the cost of mounting the Festival, including event promotion and administration.

● I will comply with all relevant laws, regulations and guidelines applicable to hosting a public event, including accessibility and workplace health and safety legislation and COVID safe regulations.

● I understand that River of Art Inc may decide at its discretion whether or not to include my event in the program, or to cancel my event, and its decision is final.

● I understand that the River of Art Inc may edit or amend material provided in this application at their discretion.

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