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Discover and get to know some of the region’s great creative artists through Virtual Open Studios! While we might not be out and about like we used to - you can still connect with artists, get to know them and their work online. Featured artists include acclaimed jeweller Virginia Aland, textile artist Bernadette Davis, sculptor Paul Dimmer, print-maker Mirabel Fitzgerald, painter and creator Raewyn Lawrence, as well as print-maker Julie Mia Holmes, Graheme Peterkin, furniture designer and ceramicist, Jo Victoria.

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Browse the community of artists that live and work on the South Coast of NSW.
Connect virtually - contact an artist, commission a work, find out how to buy their art, see them perform, hear their music live

Dusty Road Apparel

September 17, 2020

Dusty Road Apparel | Fashion Malua Bay Australian Made and Themed organic Baby and Childrens wear made from organic cotton […]

Mirabel Fitzgerald

Mirabel Fitzgerald

September 1, 2020

Mirabel Fitzgerald | Painter Guerilla Bay For many years my art practice has centred on printmaking, etching being my preferred […]

Jo Victoria

September 3, 2020

Jo Victoria | Ceramicist Mossy Point My art practice has focused on revealing hidden stories in landscapes. I am interested […]

Mark Ward

September 7, 2020

Mark Ward | Visual Art My practice continues to explore my immediate surroundings of the south coast NSW and incorporates […]

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